Friday, 2 December 2011

A winter wonderland - Lapland

Lapland (in Finnish: Lappi) is the largest and northernmost of Finland on the border with Russia, Sweden and Norway. More than its geographical location, Lapland is one of the most popular destinations for winter holidays in Europe. The reason is really simple, it has all the elements of the winter that you can think of: snow (a lot of snow, for sure!), skiing, snow-boarding, Santa Claus and all. 
Finland is named as the country of Santa Claus, and in Lapland, you will find “The Santa Claus Village” in Rovaniemi where children have the chance to meet Santa Claus and his helpers. 

Nature is an essential point when mentioning about Lapland. The large expanses of wilderness forests are characteristics of Lapland. Here you are able to explore 7 out of the 35 national parks of Finland and expansive river waterways. But when it comes to the name Lapland, the most famous thing is the Northern Light. Lapland is renowned as being the land of fells and northern lights, and definitely, if you catch the opportunity to see the aurora, you will be charmed by its great beauty!

For people who love winter sports, Lapland is a nice place to go because you can participate in the cross country skiing program. Spring in Lapland is the most popular time for skiing. The cross-country skiing trail networks are in excellent condition and ready to enhance mind and body. Otherwise, there are various skiing trails all over Lapland for beginners or families to enjoy the winter atmosphere. Moreover, there are more types of activities you can experience in the land of winter, such as visiting Snow Castle, having a husky or reindeer ride, snow motorbike route…

Lapland’s night is covered with a magic dark blue color. Just in Lapland you are able to have real winter experience, from sports, food to lifestyle. Prepare your trip to Lapland and you will find yourself standing on the fantastic winter wonderland! 

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