Thursday, 29 January 2009

Chamber music festival, Corfu

Corfu is welcoming late summer visitors to its annual Chamber music festival, now in its 17th Year.

The 'divertimenti' are the brainchild of the island's former mayor, who was inspired to bring the event to Corfu at a visit to a chamber music festival in Tuscany. The fortnightly event is to commence on September 25th.

The various concerts host many international acts, as well as providing a platform for talented local artists. This year's festival will see performances from two very highly regarded quartets from Prague: the Kocian Quartet and the Herold Quartet.

One of the principal attractions of the festival, for performers and spectators alike, is its imaginative use of the beautiful Corfiot surroundings: concerts are not only held in Corfu's Venetian-built opera house, but take place in private villas and secluded gardens. Previous concerts have been held at Corfu's 16th century Fortress, and even by the beach!

The relaxed, informal atmosphere of the event has also been remarked on by previous visitors.

The island is drenched in history - Corfiot public art and architecture reflects not just its ancient history, but also its Venetian, Napoleonic and British occupations in more recent centuries.
Few music events can have a more pleasant setting.

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