Thursday, 29 January 2009

Enjoy a "smashing" Easter on a Corfu holiday

The Greek island celebrates Easter Saturday by either throwing vases, plates or other similar smashable items out the window and onto the streets.

According to Whatsonwhen, at 11am on Easter Saturday vast swathes of the Corfu population wait with baited breath for the morning service to end and when the church bells ring it is a "signal for every man, woman and child to hurl earthenware vessels from their windows on to the streets".

The site suggests the custom is taken from the Venetians who used to throw their old breakables out of the window on New Year's Day, in preparation for new ones in the new year, a practice which has now been adopted by Corfu at Easter.

Most of the villas in Corfu can be found in the north-east of the island, with Nissaki offering great bathing facilities in its horseshoe-shaped beach.
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