Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Church of Antivouniotissa, Corfu

The Byzantine Museum is one of these cultural activities and is located in the Church of Antivouniotissa.

Possibly dating back to the 15th century the church was restored so that it could house the museum and the public and holiday makers alike have been visiting the museum since it opened in 1984.

Byzantine treasures can be found in the museum including an altar cloth that was brought from Russia, there are many exhibits on show including the Icon of Theotocos which shows the virgin holding Christ.

Religion was an important part of the empire and the Byzantine people believed the emperor to be Christ's representative on earth.

Art was also a big part of the culture and much of it depicted religious scenery and the art spread by trade and conquest across Europe.

Holiday makers visiting the museum will be able to learn even more about Corfu and its past as well as enjoying a good excursion from the villa.

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