Thursday, 29 January 2009

Landscape of Corfu is big attraction

Hiking and walking can be big parts of any trip to Corfu and visiting the island is also the perfect opportunity to relax in between some exciting excursions.

Horse riding allows visitors a great way to explore the Ropa Valley, one of the most beautiful of the island's landscapes and also a national park.

Some of the Corfu trail also runs through the Ropa Valley and holiday makers will have the chance to visit the area and enjoy its surroundings.

But the island is not all about physical activity, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to relax on beaches and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures of the Mediterranean climate.

Local cuisine is another attraction and fresh salads form much of the locals' diets.

Roke and glistrida salad is native to the island and is often drunk with local wine.

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