Thursday, 29 January 2009

Corfu "finds room for all of us"

That is the opinion of one newspaper, which describes the island as an "unexpectedly egalitarian place".

The Telegraph's Justine Picardie refers to such illustrious visitors to the island as the Prince of Wales - whose father was born there - and British politicians as proof of the Greek island's allure.

However, a Corfu villa holiday is within the grasp of all, the newspaper says, claiming the island "finds room for all of us".

Ms Picardie has particular praise for San Stefanos, where boat hire and a range of popular restaurants and tavernas await.

Food on the island is bursting with local flavour, with dishes rich with locally sourced ingredients such as olives, tomatoes and fresh fish.

Corfu is also a must-visit for those enthralled by ancient history, with Roman ruins waiting to be explored in the countryside.

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