Thursday, 29 January 2009

Try Marina Gouvia for a nautical Corfu villa holiday

Only 15 minutes from the airport, it is a base for charter yachts and offers a wide range of amenities for tourists on such breaks, including supermarkets and car rental services.

In addition, there is a sports centre and swimming pool for the more sporty members of the family, SailGreece Yachting points out.

"The environment in the marina is nice and the buildings are compatible to the traditional architecture of Corfu," it adds.

Marina Gouvia has a narrow beach, as well as a number of quiet hillside spots for picnics and short hikes, which could be ideal for people taking their families on Corfu villa holidays.

However, it also offers holiday makers a lively nightlife, with a selection of bars and restaurants available for those who would like to experience the renowned Greek hospitality.

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