Monday, 2 February 2009

Kos hotels and accommodation

When you arrive in Kos, you will immediately notice the name of Hippocrates either in a street or through the Hippocrates Museum. Kos is the place where Hippocrates was born and taught medicine under a tree. The Hippocrates tree, believed to be the actual location of Hippocrates teachings, is still preserved and can be found near the center of Kos. Aside from Hippocrates, this island is also known for numerous ruins and structures. Asklepion is a Roman ruin where its earliest construction was believed to have been 1st century AD. There’s also the Basilica complex dedicated to St. Stephen, some of it in ruins, built from 5th to 6th centuries. Another attraction is the Neratzia Castle from the 15th century. This could still be seen when you’re entering Kos by the sea. It now houses different sculptures from various ages.

In a weekend, Kos will enchant you with all the structures and the beaches as well. Some of the Kos hotels are located near the structures while some of the hotels in Kos are on the beachfront. If you are looking for discount hotels, Kos travel packages should be your option and you can get them in Most of the travel packages that come with the Kos cheap hotels are tours that will give you a deeper insight into this fascinating town.

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