Monday, 2 February 2009

Kyiv hotels and accommodation

Kyiv is the capital of the Ukraine, and is one of its most picturesque cities. You’ll find much to do here, whether you spend a week or just a weekend. Kyiv is home to history, culture, art and fine restaurants. You’ll find a wide variety of hotels in Kyiv, from modern chains to traditional Eastern European hotels. can help you locate Kyiv hotels, whether you’re looking for a luxury European hotel or one of the discount hotels Kyiv offers. Kyiv cheap hotels can help you stay on a budget when you travel.

The architecture here is spectacular. Just a stroll down the street makes you feel as though you’re in a museum. The Cathedral of St. Sophia, where the princes and princesses were crowned has beautiful mosaics and frescoes. The Ukrainian Church of St. Andrew is a great example of old Baroque architecture. The Percherska Lavra, or the Monastery of the Caves has two 11th century cathedrals and some amazing catacombs. It’s also home to a bell tower and a museum. The Golden Gate is also worth a visit. It dates back to 1037 and is the remains of the city wall. Finally, you won’t want to miss the 19th Century Cathedral of St. Volodymyr.

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