Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Prague hotels and accommodation

Art Nouveau to Renaissance, Gothic to Baroque, Neo-Classical to ultra-modern aestheticism, if this set of cultural contrast tops your vacation priority, then takes the pleasure to guide you to find the best hotels in Prague. allows millions of travellers worldwide to have access to the most extensive list of hotels in Prague through Internet. The relevant information provided on Prague hotels makes the searching process easier for you. Whether you are a luxurious jet-setter or adventure loving backpacker, Prague hotels have something or the other for all and so do we. Make your trip bereft of any hurdle or disappointment by resorting to book hotels in Prague that are in offer at and enjoy your stay at Prague.

Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, has come a long way from the turmoil of World Wars and suppression of post war era in hand of Soviets. Today with the boost in tourism, Prague hotels have contributed respectably in making this city one of the richest cities in Eastern Europe. Located on a picturesque valley by the Vltava River in central most part of Bohemia, this vibrant tourist destination of Europe can be best enjoyed from the comforts of various Prague hotels. The cultural diversity and vibrancy of Prague is best explained by the bunch of names it has gathered, like "city of a hundred spires", "the golden city", "the Left Bank of the Nineties", the "mother of cities", and "the heart of Europe". Tourists can enjoy all these by staying in the affordable hotels in Prague. History lovers can enjoy the richness by residing in any of the affordable Prague hotels. The present day Prague hides many anecdotes from history in its backyard. The city prospered during the 14th century under the reign of Charles IV and became the actual capital of the Holy Roman Empire. The greatest structures from this era include the oldest gothic cathedral in central Europe, the Saint Vitus Cathedral and the Charles University, which is the oldest university now in central Europe. Prague hotels also allows to reminiscence the memories of important figures of history and literature such as Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Charles IV who spent certain periods of their life in this beautiful city of Prague.

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