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Island hopping in Greece

What could be lovelier than drifting from Greek island to Greek island under a blazing blue Aegean sky, exploring villages, swimming in clear waters and enjoying a glass of chilled wine at some rustic taverna?

The Greek island experience is legendary and now there's a new way to enjoy it. If time's limited and you want more islands for your money, you no longer have to rely on a slow ferry to chug you along. You can hop by plane from one island to another at a very low price with Sky Express and book a low-budget hotel on


Why go there?
One of the most romantic of the Greek islands, Santorini has stunning views and plenty of candlelit restaurants. Beaches to the east and the south are very popular. They're blisteringly hot in summer, but will appeal to those who like black volcanic sand.

Must see, must do?

Fira Town: clinging dramatically to the edge of a huge extinct volcano crater, Fira's especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset when the light sets off the white buildings against the black rock backdrop.

La: the prettiest village on the island, it's quieter than Fira and has two picturesque harbours.


Why go there?

Karpathos remains relatively unspoilt because it used to be difficult to reach. A mountainous cloud-topped spine divides the wilder north from the gentler south.

Must see, must do?

Olympos Village Spilling down from a ridge, the village was cut off from the rest of the island for centuries. Today, it's a mix of medieval and modern, its houses huddled in a maze of alleys.

Lefkos: this is the jewel of the island's low-key resorts. It's a stunningly pretty hill village clustered round three horseshoe-shaped bays.


Why go there?

Mykonos is on the up, with a wave of new smart boutique hotels and bars opening in the past year and a revived nightlife. This is the island to pose, preen and party on.

Must see, must do?

Mykonos Town: the clubs, bars and designer clothes stores cater for the hip crowd, while waterside fish tavernas, tiny churches, white alleys and cobbled streets will satisfy traditional holidaymakers. Little Venice is the part of town that currently reigns as groove capital, with lots of waterfront restaurants and the best nightlife.
Beaches: fleets of buses leave the town for the south-coast beaches every morning. Platys Gialos – 3km south of Mykonos Town – is the most popular with families. Those who want to sunbathe nude head for Elia beach, while Super Paradise attracts a mainly gay crowd.


Why go there?

Greece's third largest island is less busy and boasts smaller-scale resorts and less crowded beaches.

Although the countryside is rocky and dotted with thermal springs, its olive groves, shaded oaks and pine forests make it good for gentle walking.

Must see, must do?

Beaches: pine-covered slopes provide a dramatic backdrop to the island's beaches that stretch out either side of a rocky promontory at Agios Ermogenis. Ayios Ermoyenis is a beautiful sandy cove, while Vatera in the south boasts five miles of beautiful beaches.
Natural spas if you're after a rejuvenating hot bath, head for Polikhnitos – a well restored vaulted spa house with separate pink tinted chambers for men and women. Ayios Ioannis, a few miles on, has mixed hot springs in elegant whitewashed rooms.

Also popular:

Skiathos: The hedonist's dream, with more than 62 lovely pine-scented beaches.

Samos: Famous for its countryside, wildlife and vineyards. Walkers love its cobbled paths, while wine lovers head for the villages of Manolates and Vourliotes.

Rhodes: The capital of the Dodecanese, with its medieval walled city, is packed with attractions and history.

Kos: It's main town – lined with palm trees and grand, Italian-built public buildings – is like a miniature Rhodes.

Ikaria: Tucked between Samos and Mykonos, it boasts forests and beautiful beaches.

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