Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Madrid, city that knows how to live

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is located in the heart of the peninsula and right in the center of the Castillian plain, has a population of over three million. A cosmopolitan city, a business center, headquarters for the Public Administration, Government, Spanish Parliament and the home of the Spanish Royal Family, Madrid also plays a major role in both the banking and industrial sectors. Most of its industry is located in the Southern fringe of the city, where important textile, food and metal working factories are clustered. Madrid is characterized by intense cultural and artistic activity and a very lively nightlife.

No city on earth is more alive than Madrid, a beguiling place whose sheer energy carries a simple message: this is one city which really knows how to live.

If Madrid were a woman, she’d be a cross between Penélope Cruz (beautiful and quintessentially Spanish) and Madonna (sassy, getting better with age). If it were a man, it would have to be Javier Bardem (not the world’s most handsome but with that special, irresistible something). And if you could distil the city to its essence, it would be this: Madrid is a rebellious ex-convent schoolgirl who grew up, got sophisticated but never forgot how to have a good time.

Madrid is a city that becomes truly great once you get to know its unique barrios. There you’ll discover that Madrid is an idea, a diverse city whose contradictory impulses are legion. Spain’s capital is a wonderful city year-round, but you’ll especially appreciate being here when the weather’s warm and the kaleidoscopic variety of life Madrid-style courses through the streets or takes up residence in the city’s plazas.

Madrid’s calling cards are many: astonishing art galleries, relentless nightlife, its transformation into Spain’s premier style city, an exceptional live music scene, a feast of fine restaurants and tapas bars, and a population that’s mastered the art of living the good life. It’s not that other cities don’t have some of these things. It’s just that Madrid has all of them in bucket loads.

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